Caring for the Environment

Our commitment to maintaining and managing our land resources while providing our customers with clean, clear, and pure water.

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Quality You Can Count On

From natural stream to your kitchen faucet, we insure quality at every level of our system.

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Flushing Schedule

2012 Flushing Schedule

04/25/16 - 05/ 9/16

Hydrant Flushing in Section 1

Areas in the vicinity of SIlvermine, Perry Avenue, Ward Street, Main Avenue, Aiken Street, Glover Avenue South of Seir Hill Road and SIlent Grove Court
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2016 schedule

Water Alerts

First District Water Department Urges Voluntary Water Conservation

Upcoming Events


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Current Projects

Current Projects

Several improvement projects are currently underway in The District, including ongoing construction of Brown's Reservoir, Gazebo replacement at the Norwalk Green, and Reliability Improvements at Spring Hill.

Annual Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

We are pleased to provide you with our Annual Water Quality Report which covers water testing performed during 2014.

The State of Connecticut and the United States government mandate strict guidelines and stringent testing policies regarding water quality, and during annual water quality testing the FDWD consistently meets, and exceeds, these standards.

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Left to Right: Commissioners Robert A Corbo, Frank Zullo, Esq., and Tom Cullen, Esq.
Left to Right: Commissioners Robert A Corbo, Frank Zullo, Esq., and Tom Cullen, Esq.

The Commissioners of The Norwalk First Taxing District form an elected Board of Officers which oversee all functions of the water department. The Board holds open monthly meetings as well as public hearings and the annual meeting in November. Come join us.

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